In March 2020, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 became a household term worldwide.

Telehealth has become the main delivery system for pediatric therapy for our patients. We have been given the opportunity to increase our creativity and improve our flexibility of thought to maximize excellence in outcomes of our care. Visuals to reinforce what we are striving to accomplish are essential for carryover in the home. I came across a phenomenal pediatric therapy company that has done a superb job outlining activities linked to goals and age groups on their blog.

Telehealth is not about having a child sit in front of a computer screen for 30-60 minutes. It entails coaching parents to lead and support their child’s development using games and activities and postural guidance to enable a child to reach their next level. It is a guided partnership to enhance the child’s journey to achieve their developmental milestones.

Telehealth is a covered benefit of both Georgia Medicaid their CMOs as well as most private insurances. Telehealth is often reimbursed without fees being applied to a deductible or copay, saving the families out of pocket fees. As a physical therapist, I believe that telehealth is a viable and appropriate means of delivery for speech, occupational and physical therapy services to children and when we are living in a post pandemic world, it will remain as part of a hybrid option for patients and therapists alike.