Sensory Friendly Activities Around Atlanta

After a couple of years of limited social outings with the family due to COVID-19, many families are seeking avenues to get back out and enjoy activities in the community. Play gives children different opportunities for sensory, physical and cognitive experiences. Spending time together with your child enhances your child’s development and wellbeing. It creates memories and builds a strong relationship, 

Sometimes, it may seem challenging to find activities that are appropriate for children with various disabilities or special needs. Don’t be discouraged because there are actually many venues and centers throughout the Metro area of Atlanta that offer sensory friendly performances or specific times set aside each month catering to families with children with special needs. The list includes: Sensory Friendly Family Concerts at The Georgia Symphony and The Georgia Ballet. Another adventure is The Southern Museum Family afternoons, Popodoodle Kids Imagination Center Sensory Days, The Children’s Museum Sensory Friendly Saturdays, a jumping outing at Jump Street Trampoline Park. Another place to spend several fun hours is At the Center for Puppetry Arts during their Sensory Friendly Programming Events. Several movie theaters also host special events as well.

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